ICS 36/1000/R box profiled (trapezoidal) roof sheet

We can confidently say our Roofing sheet is the strongest on the market. As used in reverse as the decking sheet on the Sainsbury's store roofing extension at Darlington, Our box profiled steel roof decking sheets were specified to support approximatley 5200 meters of protan single ply roofing, they were pre painted white to the under side so saving time with any onsite painting, the insulation boards were Kingspan TR26 110mm thick giving excellent insulation values, our profiled steel sheet was a first choice from many roof decking profiles on the market as it is very strong even in its reverse condition, when ordering the roofing sheet to be used as a decking profile the reference is ICS 36/1000/D, we have standard galvanised steel finish or white painted in stock

Roofing Sheets being installed

Please note: not all steel roofing sheets are the same ! check the span tables for spanning capabilities as most 0.7 - 32mm box profile or corrugated roofing profiles don't span more than 1.4 meters without being vulnerable to damage by people simply walking on them (fact) our 36/1000/r roofing sheet is one of the strongest 1 meter wide roofing sheets in the industry, feel free to download the ics 36/1000/r span table chart.

Roof Profile Cross Section

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