Anti Condensation roof sheets

anticondensation applied to the underside of roofing sheets

If you're about to invest in a new single skin roofing system and are concerned about condensation you have a few options to reduce the problem, Dripstop is probably the best choice , this system is used extensively throughout the world in all kinds of environments and is recognised as the market leader in anti condensation prevention,

What is drip-stop ?
Dripstop is an anti-condensation system that helps prevent water droplets falling into the building, this is achieved by the drip-stop membrane absorbing any condensation ( just like a sponge ) as it occurs and then gradually releasing the moisture back into the air during the day, for the system to work correctly there needs to be adequate ventilation to remove the moisture from the air

ventilate the building to help the drip stop

we can apply the anti-condensation felt to our tile effect roofing sheet & both our 36 & 32mm roof profiles drip stop applied to our sheets with rubber rollers

It is an economical way of dealing with condensation and is a tried and tested product popular across all industries worldwide. Buildings with un insulated metal roofs are prone to condensation, usually during the cold winter months when the outside temperature is below freezing and there is warm moist air on the inside, condensation occurs mostly when the warm air makes contact with the cold steel sheet ( think of a bathroom window after a hot shower ) and becomes saturated, the steel sheet cannot absorb the moisture so condensation occurs, the water drips into buildings or can run down walls causing all sorts of problems


Drip stop can be applied to the following products

Advantages of Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets

  • Inbuilt condensation protection
  • Up to 25% on traditional solutions
  • Clean, practical & efficient
  • Holds condensate & prevents it dripping to the inside of the building
  • Very strong with no ripping, tearing or deterioration
  • Has excellent resistance to deteriation
  • Easy to clean (with hose or pressure washers)
  • Bacteria resistant
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