Eaves Beams

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ICS structural eaves beams are manufactured in three standard sizes, 203mm , 254mm & 300mm deep, they are designed to serve as two structural members in one, they perform as a roof purlin to which the bottom of the roofing sheets are fixed and as the top cladding rail to which the top of the vertical cladding is fixed, they also support the weight of an eaves gutter which can be fitted direct or hung from the roofing sheets, under certain conditions the roof z purlins will need stabilizing this can be achieved by using sag bars which are braced upslope from the eaves beam, when fully fitted the sag bars help reduce any twist of the z purlins under load or in wind conditions etc.

Once again under certain conditions the side wall cladding rails may need to be supported to reduce sagging at mid span, this can be achieved by using a side rail support system which is a rolled 45 x 45mm angle bolted between each side rail and tied into the eaves beam, adjusting the diagonal wires until the cladding rails become level

Eaves beam Shape and Hole Detail Eaves beam properties

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