Corrugated Roofing Sheets in Manchester

z purlins and metal cladding

Industrial cladding systems supply both box profile & corrugated steel roofing sheets in Manchester at a very reasonable cost, we have several roof profiles to choose from including 3 inch corrugated, 20mm liner panels and 32mm box profile roof sheets and for greater spanning capacity we have a top quality 36mm roof profile which can span up to 2 meters between purlins, all of which can be used as side wall cladding, our deeper roofing profiles are also used in reverse as decking sheets for felt roofing or single ply roof systems

we also manufacture & sell galvanised structural members such as steel c sections and z purlins in manchester with a next day delivery service if required, so if you have old sheds or steel buildings in Manchester that need refurbishment give us a call

several products we manufacture as below

  1. Corrugated roofing sheets
  2. Box profile roofing sheets
  3. Insulated roofing sheets
  4. Tile effect roof sheets
  5. Z purlins for roofs
  6. C sections for mezzanine floors
  7. Eaves beams for steel buildings
  8. Steel sheds
  9. Flashings
  10. composite panels
  11. Galvanised Steel Buildings
  12. Steel buildings

From small garden sheds to large steel buildings in Manchester - our roofing materials are made to length to suit them all

We know demand for our roofing sheets in Manchester will depend on price and our & service so we are determined to keep our prices low and to make sure they are of the best quality, we are experienced roofing & cladding contractors our selves and understand how important it is to have good quality materials that will look good, that will last and be delivered on time, We have been in the roofing contracting business ourselves since the late 80s and have worked all over the Manchester areas from Swinton to Stockport so if you need any advice on corrugated steel roofing sheets just give us a call 0191 2672900

pease note: Next day delivery service to Manchester and stockport etc ( charges may apply)

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