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z purlins

roofing sheets and structural c sections manufactured from prime quality galvanised steel is our core business, we have been rollforming purlins, corrugated roofing and cladding materials for more than 25 years and have a complete one stop shop for the steel erecting, mezzanine floor and the metal cladding industry

if you are looking for thin gauge steel panels in Norwich for a simple shed roof or the heavier gauge roof sheeting for industrial or commercial buildings we can help as we have the full market covered with our specialist profiles, we have 20mm corrugated roof & side wall profiles in both 0.4 and 0.7 steel which are ideal for smaller buildings such as shed roofs and domestic garages, we also have a 36mm box profile roofing sheet in both .55 and 0.7 steel. this is a very strong roof sheet which is purfect for larger buildings with large spanning roofs and maybe subjected to high winds and bad weather

we have corrugated steel roofing sheets that can be smooth curved for agricultural purposes and box profile roofing sheets that can be crimp curved for industrial use, bespoke flashings & roof trims are manufactured to your design and are standard 3 meters long, tek screw fixings for most applications and much more

first quality and best prices for steel c section purlins and z shape cladding rails, our rollformed steel sections are designed for steel buildings and secondary cladding support, they are cold rolled into zed and cee section purlins and delivered any where in Norwich and the rest of the UK

examples of our Roofing & cladding supplies:

  1. 0.7 corrugated steel roof sheets
  2. 0.5 corrugated metal
  3. grp roof lights always in stock
  4. Composite Panel Roofing sheets to order
  5. Tile Effect roof sheets in stock
  6. Z purlins for roofs
  7. C sections for mezzanine floors

For any size roof in norwich we would do our best to give you the best value and service arround

please get social with us and give us a point :) if you buy any of our products and tweet us, face book us or google + 1 us we will give you a free roofing and cladding gift with your order

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