spacer bar for twin skin roofing and cladding

A light weight bar and bracket system to form a cavity between roof sheets

RidgiBar spacer system used on a large building in swalwell near newcastle upon tyne

More than two kilometres of ridgi-bar fitted to the new warehouse roof for J R Adams transport , Swalwell, Gateshead

How to assemble the spacer bar and bracket

Spacer Bar Instructions how to fit

The bracket should be inserted into the bar as per photos 1 then turn the bracket anti-clockwise whilst twisting the bracket into the bar, once the bracket is at 90 degrees to the ridgi-bar simply turn and lock into position.

As the photograph bottom left below shows the brackets can be fixed in wet weather conditions as they have a foam pad fitted to the foot of the roof bracket which forms a water tight seal once the bracket is fixed, the foam pad also helps to reduce any cold bridging especialy on bracket to steel applications, the photo to the right shows the grid system fixed through the inner liner sheet into the roof support purlins, all ready for the top skin of roofing sheets to be fitted.

Air seal pads and purlins
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