Zip up standing seam

Inzip Standing Seam roofing sheets

Inzip standing seam roofing is a specialist roofing system which eliminates the need for any fixings through the sheet, the sheet is attached to the roof with internal halters that are mechanically seamed to the roof sheet, the roofing sheets can be rolled in-house or if they need to be more than 18meters long they can be rolled on site, we run standard widths of 300mm, 400mm and 500mm but are capable of manufacturing any width sheet between 250 and 550mm.

Tapered standing seam can be run directly from the machine in one pass ensuring perfection in every sheet, we are able to taper roofing sheets from 200mm at one end to 500mm at the other over a sheet length more than 3.5m.

This is a specialist roofing system requiring experience and knowledge of the industry, we have an approved list of qualified installers throughout the UK. If you were interested in this system please call for details

Standing Seam Standard Widths Diagram

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