Steel Sheds

Galvanised Steel buildings

This steel building including all the roof and wall cladding was around £5600

This metal shed was erected over two days by three people, the steel frame including the rafters, z purlins and c section side rails was erected on the first day and the roofing sheets, roof lights, side wall cladding and roller shutter doors fitted on the second day, it was a two car garage/storage building erected onto a grass base which was uneven and rough, however a bit of ingenuity the building was levelled, braced then anchored

Day 1 morning

Steel Sheds easy to errect

The first thing to be done was to lay out all the cold rolled sections on the ground, separating and identifying all rafters, z purlins, side rails, steel cleats and haunch plates etc so to make it easy to identify the sections for erecting, then to mark out with pegs the approximate position of where the steel shed is to be sited, this should be as near to its final position as possible as the building will be very heavy once all the steel sections are bolted together, The gable end sections i.e. two vertical columns and two roof rafters were then laid out on the ground so that the brackets and haunch plates could be fitted, once these were all bolted together with m12 bolts the complete gable end frame could be lifted into the vertical position as the photo shows,(in this case against a wall) the gable end frame was then temporary secured into its final position, then the opposite gable frame was fixed together in the same manner as the first, it was then stood up vertically into the marked position and secured, the eaves purlins for each side of the frame were selected and fitted onto the steel brackets that were already attached to the steel frame, followed by the remainder of the roof purlins, once all roof purlins were bolted to the steel frame the roof bracings were fitted from corner to corner making sure the building is roughly plumb and square before fixing.

The next structural members to be fitted were the c section cladding rails and the door posts, these are easily fitted as the brackets and cleats are already fitted previously whilst the gable was on the ground and also the building is now quite ridged since being braced once all the c section cladding rails were fitted and bolted the final levelling was done fitting strap bracings to all corners the frame is now ready for the box profile roofing sheets and side walls

Day 1 afternoon

cold rolled Steel frame connecte by steel cleats

Now that the steel building is fully erected the roofing sheets can be fitted, on this particular steel shed the roofing sheets were the ICS/36/1000 olive green, plastic coated box profiled roofing sheets, they were laid in full length sheets from ridge to eaves and fully fixed with colour match screws, 20% day light to the building was provided by using a grp translucent profiled roofing sheet, they are the same profile as the steel roofing sheets and one roof light was fitted to each slope giving more than enough day light for day time use, they were fully fixed using large washer fixings.

Steel Shed complete with roof

Day 2

The side walls were then clad with the ICS/36/1000 profiled cladding sheet, the wall sheeting were pre-cut to the exact size at the factory and the gable sheets were staggered cut so minimising any cutting on site, all side sheets were fixed with self drill colour match screws and were easily notched for the personnel and roller shutter doors, The front elevation was clad in conjunction with the fitting of the personnel and roller shutter door,(by others) the doors were factory assembled for easy on site fitting they were simply hung onto the structural steel c section door posts that form part of the steel frame, flashings were fitted to the roof with foam fillers to stop birds getting inside of the building, flashings were also fitted to all corners,verges and doors.

Steel Shed fully built

Day 2 afternoon completed

This steel building was erected in the customers back garden and doubled up as a garage workshop and a garden storage shed ,the customer requested that all the box profile roofing sheets, side wall cladding, flashings and roller shutter doors were to be manufactured from olive green plastisol to help the building blend in with its environment, cold rolled steel framed buildings like this one are excellent value for car garages, workshops or used as garden sheds, this light weight steel building was of single skin roof and side wall construction but can be insulated using a double skin - built up roofing & cladding system or clad with insulated complosite panels at a reasonable cost, please ring 0191 2672900 if of any interest.

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